LEAK PROOF Women's Menstrual Period Urine Loss Incontinence MODAL Panties Underwear                     From XS to XXXL

An leak proof layer, very soft and flexible MODAL* material !

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 The incredible softness of our Leak Proof Menstrual Period Panties will surprisingly please you during your period, more so than the cotton and synthetic underwear you use to wear!


Our intimate panties -with a leak proof layer- are specially designed to wear during women’s menstrual period.


Our Leak Proof Menstrual Period Panties provide that EXTRA layer of leak proof cloth, starting from the front bottom, all the way to the upper-back for extra protection during your period when you need it most.


The soft, comfortable Leak Proof Menstrual Period Panties made from Modal with Spandex fabric and its innovative breathable coating in the centre and back will prevent any possible leaks from the pantie onto your clothes and/or bedlinen. 


* Modal fabric is made from a natural cellulose fibre and is about 50% more water-absorbent than cotton. 
Our Leak Proof Menstrual Period Panties, made from Modal/Spandex are resistant to shrinkage and fading. 
They are smooth and soft, even more so than mercerised cotton! 


How to clean:

Modal fabric needs to be cleaned gently.


Our Leak Proof Menstrual Period Panties should be preferably hand washed with a mild detergent at a low temperature and if wrinkled the panties can be ironed at a low temperature although ironing is not really necessary.


Drying the panties flat on a towel is preferred rather than putting them in a dryer.